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Ductless mini-split systems are an economical way to add air conditioning to your home or office without the complication and expense of constructing and running complicated ductwork throughout your home or building.  Mini-split systems work best for smaller rooms, offices or additions on your home that are generally less than 1500 sq ft. in size.

If your space is larger than that, it’s a better decision to go for a Central Air Conditioning system.  Many smaller homes, offices and buildings were never built with air conditioning systems, and they really don’t have much room left within walls and ceilings for ductwork.  In these type of situations, mini-split systems are perfect.

Friesen's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is based out of Qualicum Beach and serving the entire Oceanside area including Qualicum, Parksville, Nanoose, and Nanaimo.  We specialize in the sales and installation of ductless mini-split systems for residential home heating systems.


Mini-Splits Can Qualify
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Wow .. if there was a button higher than 5/5 this company definitely would be top of our list. Long story short, we were running on emergency heat last 6 months misdiagnosed by another company, after some research hubby picked Fujitsu as being the most technically advanced heat pump. Mike helped me by offering a contact for rebates as well as moved some appointments to provide immediate professional installation as our house was chilly, amazing workmanship. Thanks so much guys, much appreciated!! PS our dogs loved them too, pet friendly as well 🙂

Evelyn Michor April 13, 2023

We had very good service from Mike. He's busy but came at exactly the scheduled time and fixed our heat-pump. Our previous service guys were ripping us off. Mike explained what needed to be done and charged us exactly as Quoted. No surprises. He's our goto guy now.

John McNulty April 2, 2023

Our furnace broke during a cold snap. Mike came out the same day, Friday afternoon, gave us an estimate, and started right away on Monday. There were some hardware issues with the new unit, and he had them replaced by the manufacturer as soon as he could, and worked hard and extra long to get everything going for us. He was very professional, knowledgeable and responsive, and seemed to really care about doing a great job and getting us out of the cold. We will continue to use his services for our property. Thanks Mike!

E Bett February 26, 2023

Mike installed a heat pump and header. Service was excellent, very efficient and cost effective compared to WESTILE. System works very well. Mike also followed up in a timely manner (same day) when my receipt was misplaced, enabling me to apply for aFederal rebate.

jan nelms February 17, 2023

Mike is super capable and a pleasure to have at the house . Thanks for the great work

ken johnston February 17, 2023

Well done Mike and team! Prompt and professional. The project and transaction was simple and fast with no drama. We will definitely use you again. 🙂

Tyler Cody February 16, 2023

Why Install A Mini-Split System?

Unlike traditional window mounted AC units a mini-split is very versatile in how it can be placed within your home or building.  They can be suspended from ceilings, out of the way or even flush mounted into a drop ceiling if you like.  It’s also not uncommon to just see mini-split systems hung right on the wall as it’s only about a 3″ hole that needs to be cut for the wiring and refrigerant lines.

Installation: Ductless mini-split air conditioners are usually a trouble free installation for a professional, barring no unforseen complications.

There is no ductwork required and the only modification is often only a 3″ hole in the wall for the refrigerant lines and wiring. Friesen's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can come up with the innovative solutions to install your Ductless mini-split system for years of trouble free use.

Ductless Mini-Splits Are Very Efficient

Because mini-splits don’t run any ductwork they are very efficient.  Most traditional ducted central air systems will lose 15-20% or more of the conditioned air through leaks or poorly constructed seams in the ductwork and every bend in the run of ductwork will also add resistance to the system, decreasing it’s efficiency.  Mini-split ductless air conditioners solve this problem.

Ductless Mini-Splits Also Provide Heat

Ductless mini split air conditioners offer heat via a heat pump.  This is a great feature for those of you who need some heat in your space during the wintertime.  The forced air heat they provide circulates your room much better than baseboard heating.

Friesen's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is an experienced installer of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems and we can give you an honest assessment of your particular air conditioning needs and if a ductless mini-split system is going to the be the best choice for you.

If you’d like an estimate for a ductless mini-split system installation then give us a call today 250-714-5230 or fill out our email form and someone will get right back to you so we can answer any questions and schedule a time for your estimate.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are an excellent solution for a variety of scenarios. Here are some of their best applications:

#1.  Additions and Renovations: If you're adding a room to your home or renovating an existing space, a ductless mini-split can provide cooling without the need to extend your existing ductwork.

#2.  Older Homes without Ductwork: Older homes that were built before central air became standard often lack the necessary ductwork. A ductless system can provide efficient cooling without the need to install extensive ductwork.

#3.  Zoning: If you want different areas of your home to be cooled to different temperatures, a ductless mini-split can provide this zoning capability. This can increase comfort and potentially reduce energy usage as you only cool the areas that are being used.

#4.  Supplemental Cooling: If certain areas of your home, like a sunroom or an upstairs bedroom, tend to get hotter than the rest of the house, a ductless mini-split can provide supplemental cooling for these spaces.

#5.  Energy Efficiency: Because they don't lose energy through ductwork, ductless mini-split systems can be more energy-efficient than traditional central air systems. This makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce their environmental impact and energy costs.

#6.  Noise Reduction: Ductless systems tend to be quieter than traditional HVAC units, making them an ideal choice for places where noise is a concern, like bedrooms or home offices.

#7.  Easy Installation: Compared to traditional central air systems, ductless mini-split systems are easier and quicker to install, which is beneficial for those who want a less intrusive installation process.

#8.  Small Apartments or Compact Spaces: For compact homes or small apartments, where space is a premium and ductwork is impossible, a mini-split system is a perfect choice.

#10.  Server Rooms or Specialized Equipment: In commercial spaces, server rooms or rooms housing specialized equipment that generates a lot of heat can benefit greatly from a ductless system.

Remember, though ductless mini-split systems have many applications, the specifics of your home or commercial building and your cooling needs should be considered when deciding if this is the right solution for you.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is a type of HVAC system that doesn't require ductwork to cool your space. It comprises an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units, connected by a conduit for the electrical supply. It's an efficient and flexible cooling solution suitable for various applications.

A ductless mini-split system works by transferring heat between the indoor and outdoor units. In cooling mode, the indoor unit absorbs heat from the indoor air and expels it to the outdoor unit, thereby cooling your space. The reverse happens in heating mode.

A ductless system requires the installation of an outdoor unit, which is connected to the indoor air handling units via a conduit carrying power and refrigerant lines. The indoor units are mounted on walls or ceilings. The installation process is quicker and less invasive than that of traditional ducted systems.

Yes, many ductless mini-split systems are heat pumps, meaning they can provide both cooling and heating for your home. This dual functionality makes them an excellent year-round climate control solution.

Ductless mini-split systems are often more energy efficient than traditional systems, as they eliminate the energy losses associated with ductwork. They also allow for zoning, which means you can cool or heat only the areas of your home that are in use, reducing energy waste.

The number of indoor units you need will depend on the size and layout of your home, as well as your specific cooling and heating needs. Each indoor unit typically cools and heats a single zone or room. We can help you determine the optimal number of units for your space.

With proper maintenance, ductless mini-split systems can last for 15 to 20 years, which is comparable to or even longer than the lifespan of many traditional HVAC systems.

Ductless systems are generally quieter than traditional HVAC systems. The indoor units produce minimal noise, often described as a quiet hum, and the outdoor unit's noise is typically not noticeable from inside the home. This makes ductless systems an excellent choice for areas where quiet operation is important.

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